the hottest end of summer


it might be the weather. it might be the hectic things at work and trying to figure things out. it might the crazy load work that i’ve been handling. were the reasons i have not been blogging. but definitely it was the mood. that i need to travel out of myself to see a bigger picture on things.

anyway, things had been great lately. we manage ourselves to have our little luxuries of becoming a member in the melia purosani sports club. it’s cheap as hell for a year. one of jogjakartans biggest secret to get healthy. i know i need to swim to get my sanity now and then. and the fun part is that my boy are getting familiar with the water.

he’s been given lesson at school and i’ve been spending more quality time after his school. a dip in the water is always good for the body and soul. especially with the weather being hellish crazy lately.

on the crossroad


things has been random. it has been an emotional period too. but i passed it well enough. despite all that, things have been hectic like crazy. job coming, living the deadlines. old good friends and families coming to town. my son growing up and playing by himself while i’m working in front of my laptop. i had this urge to change things somehow. i need to renew myself somewhere. maybe i should took a trip somewhere or going through my wish list on what things i want to do with my living space. i need to chuck out all the things i don’t need anymore and would be lovely to welcome new things in my life.

i’m satisfied with my current wardrobe collections (mostly basic nikicio, cotton ink and oneandhalf) but this means i need a proper closet to put them all. my son need his own room, meaning i need to buy another bed. but dear god, i need to sleep alone sometimes in my own room and not having his feet on my face when i wake up nowadays. i need a proper wooden working table, i was thinking vintage, obviously not the one i’m using that was used back from my student days. i need cabinet in my kitchen to put all the kitchen utensils i inherited from my mother. i need to re-arrange my books again, chucking the cheap cardboard book rack and finding a more permanent ones.

somehow i just need little luxuries that i can enjoy sometimes, means reading a favorite book undisturbed or watching a movie at my own space. i haven’t really done that much luxuries since i have my son. we took him to the cinema to watch the transformers 3 last weekend, he finally last on the seat. so dearest son, we can have movie dates soon.

but out of all this, i don’t mind traveling to a beach somewhere alone. i missed traveling solo and discovering things at my own pace.

my three year old boy going to school

it’s entering his three weeks already. my son going to school the first time. this means i have to change to a morning person in a more discipline manner. his first day was amazing because it only took him 30 minutes to adapt with his surrounding without my help at all. the second day, he is fine without me. the fourth day he have his 3rd birthday at school. i baked spinach and carrot brownies for his schoolmates. everyone took another portion :D (huge success) we were given gift such as children classic song that i haven’t heard for so long. his fifth day, i was not allowed to take him to the gate. i practically drop him off and he say “mom, stay in the motor cycle. i can go myself.” those were those kinda moments that you want to cry as parents. children grow up so fast.

i feel like an eagle, letting their little ones the first time to learn to fly.

a year

it hit a year this month. it reach this far already. i remember the first time i did my asana. my first cycle of suryanamanaskar. i realized something all along. that human need bodily experience to gain their perspectives, balance with their mind and soul. yoga had been giving me those. it gave me the balance and the way to control my sanity.

it is a simple as taking a breath but fully conscious with what is happening to your body, to your world. somehow it started a very intimate relations with the self, deep inside. it took me time to crack myself up. not only my muscle, limb, but also the depth of my heart.

and now, all of it is a part of me. a part of my journey and path.