borobudur: the off beaten track


borobudur from the side of a paddy field

maybe for many indonesian, a lot of them already experience borobudur. to experience borobudur is always amazing. but this time, we did borobudur in a very off beaten track. a little bit using imagination and well, non-mainstream ways (meaning jumping fences and going through tunnels, enjoying the tiny walk from waterways and paddyfield). but it was fun to just let your inner child play and a little adrenaline rush, in the surrounding beauty of the one greatest buddhist temple in the world. it does become a very different experience.

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lasem #3: ceramic tiles factory house

IMG01315-20120404-1224remember that house with the jane austen’s kind of backyard in my lasem series post? a house that just transfer you to a different time. this house is known as the ceramic tiles factory (pabrik tegel) where they still sell the old vintage ceramic tiles. the factory itself still running although not like in their heighten days in the past. the owner’s family still lives around the place and pretty happy to let strangers like us wander to admire their house vintage beauty.

it is one of lasem hidden secret. a little vintage gem of the north java coast. i always have a thing for old pretty things such as this antique house :)

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yogyakarta: the south sea and the memory of beauty

IMG_0543it is 2 am in yogyakarta. i’m making a cup of kahwa (kashmiri style tea) and half done packing my things for my first flight to bali after three long years in a few hours time. the tickle of embarking for another journey always reach you in the stomach. that little butterfly which is near to the feeling of falling in love.

i revisited the southern sea beach area two weeks and a half ago. no camera. no photos. i just want moment and memories. amazing moment and memories did happen. and i felt that i’m washed away in the wave of the southern beach and renew my breath.

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sunrise series: mount merapi

IMG_1099to be honest, i’m a person who can’t really live without seeing mountain. i always felt something is missing in life if i can’t see a mountain in the place that i lived. having a childhood in bogor, west java, surrounded by mountains and spending the last ten years in yogjakarta, i enjoy my morning or afternoon trips seeing the mountain in a clear view kind of day. that very small things is my little happiness.

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lasem #2: a reminder of java northern coast civilization

IMG01992-20120403-1353a whole teak fishing boat in the making from lasem

“assume that your daughter does not exist anymore. a boat made from lasem would be your happiest child ever.” ~ gadis pantai (the girl from the coast) – pramoedya ananta toer

sitting down one afternoon in front of this huge teak fishing boat at one of the lasem’s coast, made you feel this grandiose reminiscence. made you think again about a historical narration of indonesia as a maritime power way back. five hundred. one thousand year ago.

but lasem is older. they even found a ship-wreck dated from the 7th century. it was still in restoration so i couldn’t get any picture yet. lasem is also famous for their ship craftsmanship. when cheng ho came to the northern coast of java, lasem is one of their ship factory. the same at the time of japanese occupation. and this art still existed, they still make their wooden boat in front of my eyes.

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rembang-lasem #1: old antique houses

salah satu rumah antik di rembang

one of the antique chinese house in rembang

i decided to give myself a trip as my 29th birthday present last april. mia, my friend coming from jakarta shared the trip. a single moms getaway journey. we spent three days in rembang-lasem. took an 8 hours trip with travel minivan from yogyakarta. we passed blora also, where the characters of pramoedya ananta toer’s came alive suddenly. picked up by bessy and yoesam, who i haven’t seen for so long and they took us for a tour around the area.

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