lasem #2: a reminder of java northern coast civilization

IMG01992-20120403-1353a whole teak fishing boat in the making from lasem

“assume that your daughter does not exist anymore. a boat made from lasem would be your happiest child ever.” ~ gadis pantai (the girl from the coast) – pramoedya ananta toer

sitting down one afternoon in front of this huge teak fishing boat at one of the lasem’s coast, made you feel this grandiose reminiscence. made you think again about a historical narration of indonesia as a maritime power way back. five hundred. one thousand year ago.

but lasem is older. they even found a ship-wreck dated from the 7th century. it was still in restoration so i couldn’t get any picture yet. lasem is also famous for their ship craftsmanship. when cheng ho came to the northern coast of java, lasem is one of their ship factory. the same at the time of japanese occupation. and this art still existed, they still make their wooden boat in front of my eyes.

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