rembang delicacies #1: ways to eat and die happily

P1060258rembang staple food: the most tasty sate srepeh

exploring local delicacies in rembang means in the future you would have to come for more. it took me another eight months after my first bite on their nasi tahu campur (rice tofu mix in sweet spicy peanut sauce) and my longing on savoring sate srepeh (thinly slice chicken satay in spicy sauce of garlic + red onions + chilies + coconut milk). ah, the pain of longing.

i arrived at night time in rembang, due to some technical issues my travel car was two hours late. and added to all spices, hunger is the best kind. with pop and yoesam, we went to a night time warung in the market place, called rumah makan behek. they just open, so anything they have is in their warmest delight. they have the warm rice, some lodeh (soupy vegs), the best fried tempe (originally wrap with teak leaves), black ink squid satay and oh dear, one pot of boiling sate srepeh sauce! i might just die in happiness before i even took my first bite.

P1060251life saver in rembang night time: rumah makan behek

and i died that night in a happy stomach.

then woke up at 7.30 AM the next morning, pop was waking me up. “you want to catch the famous srepeh warung for breakfast?”. in a mere addiction which i recalled of my eating habit while i was in rembang last time, of course i said yes and rise.

P1060254the famous bu slamet warung, go before 8 AM before all run out

we were not late this time. the satay is still available. i had my biggest grin and touch heaven back and forth, when eating the sate srepeh with the nasi tahu campur. i know i can eat this food for life kinda thing.

P1060256nasi tahu campur on teak leaves

P1060260the perfect combination

i think it’s time i try to make my own recipes, because blogging this already making me having a bad craving. there are some food i haven’t manage to take picture of. some of them are lontong tuyuhan and the kelo mrico, you could check my friend’s labodalih post on them here.

a lot of rembang delicacies are based on how they process intestines, which really means you really have to master the spices. it’s a nostalgic feeling when you are having the bite of the local food. the sense of a busy ancient port lost in time. here are some of their variants:

IMG01995-20120403-1411local rujak style, with fish intestines sauce

P1060386the liver of a stingray cooked in sweet soya sauce

P1060611vintage sign of pak brengos

P1060609rawon pak brengos, the rembang style: light in color and use the cow intestines

530097_10150719435744637_1240525196_nthe sate laler: goat satay (and fats) for a late night dining

obviously after this culinary trip i need some detox on my system. but parts of me, or well my stomach happiness was left in rembang somehow. so how is your ways to die happily by food?

weekend recipe: kalasan style fried chicken + eggplant tempe green chili curry + ginger flower sambal


i guess yesterday i was totally a #bancidapur. my son current obsession with ayam goreng (fried chicken) made me try different recipes of various type indonesian fried chicken. i try this recipe for ayam kalasan, basically modified it a bit by adding more spices. ayam kalasan is originally from kalasan area in sleman, yogyakarta. having that it has the typical jogja taste, sweet and savory. the chicken is fully cooked with coconut milk until it become very tasty and then fried.

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weekend recipe: tempe basil chicken mince + chicken liver in sweet soya sauce


tempe basil chicken mince is a modified recipe from here. you just add the mince chicken along with the mince tempe. you could add slices of hot chili or chili powder if you want them hot. the chicken really add the flavor this time :) was feeling a little bit thai food craving so i made them the thai style.

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weekend recipe: indonesian style fried chicken in yellow spices + classic sambal matah

P1040381there has been no easier cultural exchange than food. i’ve been somehow end up cooking indonesian food in the kitchen of grey garden restaurant in hauz khas village and the kitchen of akash hotel of mcleod gandj, while i was there. things happen like my regular weekend in jogjakarta. best food, best friends, best drinks, good laugh and great time. i love cooking and sharing what i love the most is what i love the best :)

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