jalan solo: the silk road tour of jogja

P1020996i was so busy since november last year, this post was meaning to be publish and i was totally forgot about it. having rearranging my thought while rearranging my house after so many getaways, being totally at home and taking things slowly always mean to be good. and because this is a cool sunday morning, i guess i should post something beautiful :)

so elia from simalakamma made this program at the end of december 2011 of touring the silk road of jogja: jalan solo. jalan solo is famous of their indian shops selling various kind of fabrics. the long history of jalan solo started in the 80s where most of the indian shops move here from malioboro street. now it become one of the most busiest street in jogja where they have many shops which you can see clearly still dominated by indian fabric shops.

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