black and white series: pacitan – pancer beach

P1050865asabhumy, my son at pancer beach

i always love black and white photos. often they feel dramatic. capturing all the stillness of a moment. taking a trip to pacitan is like a little remedy, on the things i’ve been missing. watching the waves always take your sorrow away. it cleanse you out. anyways, i think i should take photography again.

P1050826 copysmall bhumy

P1050836 copylarasati at the beach

P1050845martial art practice

P1050846 copyboy drinking milk in the boat

P1050875surfers at boat point

P1050871a lone boat

P1050866black and white sunset

sunset series: pacitan – pancer beach

i believe family is something you create. living as a single mother, makes you realized it is a near impossible thing to raise your child alone. so i’ve been thanking for all friends who had been fully supporting and especially when i travel with bhumy.

i have to thank nilu, lala and adrian who makes thing easier when we had our little escape to pancer beach in pacitan.

famous for their amazing waves and it’s only three hour drive from jogjakarta. and like always, sunset is a must see. the smile of an excited boy along the travel and his laugh when touching the water are priceless.

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